Tridazen is a Aquatic-elemental Mechtoran. It is the second guardian of Shaun Daniels.


Tridazen is a humanoid, musclebound iguana/mudpuppy-like Mechtoran. Tridazen is mostly dark blue on its body and purple on its bands. It has three spikes on each side of its arms while having two on its legs. It has two dorsal fins on each elbow of its arms while having a big, wavy tail fin on its tail that also has seven spikes over its long tail. In-between its fingers are also scaly fins that allow it to deflect any attack it cannot absorb. Tridazen's Power Points are 2500HP.

Powers and DataEdit

  • Element Attribute:Aquatic
  • Power Points:2500HP
  • Attack Points:217
  • Defense Points:165
  • Speed Points:165

Tridazen's Abilities/AttacksEdit

  • Hydro Burst;
  • Abyss Rush
  • Wave Bombs
  • Aqua Punch
  • Trident Storm


  • Tridazen resembles a mudpuppy mixed with a iguana.