Electrified Dragon




1800 HP

Class Rank:

Dragon Warrior

Raidranoid is an Electrified-Dragon Mechtoran and is one of the most powerful Mechtoran. It evolves into Storm Raidranoid.

Battle DataEdit

  • Attack: 400
  • Defense: 300
  • Speed: 300

Ability AttacksEdit

Attack(s) Damage Power Heals Cost(s)
Thunder Hands 500 100 HP 60 Attack
Razor Bolt 350 50 HP 75 Defense
Electro Cutter 400 100 HP 80 Attack
Lightning Strike 350 50 HP 100 Defense
Thunder Horn 500 200 HP 95 Attack


  • Raidranoid is the only Lightning element monster to recieve a high Power Points of 1800 HPs.

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