Falconade is a Aerial-based Mechtoran. It is Kelly's signature monster.


Falconade is based on a humanoid falcon-like creature. It wears a dark-green tunic while having two arms and legs with shap talons. Its hands are covered by ninja gloves and has a V-shaped helmet on its head. There are open-toe shoes covering its talons and has a three-tiped tail. Its wings are shaped like a hawk's while its beak resembles a bald eagle. Falconade can do aerial attacks and command powerful tornadoes.

Powers and DataEdit


  • Elemental Attribute: Aerial
  • Power Points:2800HP
  • Attack Points:172
  • Defense Points:155
  • Speed Points:187

Falconade's Abilities/AttacksEdit

  • Falcon Slash:Damages the opponent by 75 Attack Points and adds 55 Speed Points.
  • Eagle Screech:Disables the opponent's attack by 55 Attack Points and adds 50 Defense Points.
  • Hawk Tornado:Damages the opponent by 25 Attack Points and drains 46 Defense and Power Points.
  • Aerial Talons:Damages the opponent by 70 Attack and Speed Points and adds 200 Power Points.
  • Hurricane Blast:Heavily damages opponent by 100 Attack Points and adds 75 Power Points.


  • Falconade is based on either a peregrine falcon, a red-tailed hawk, or a bald eagle.