Elemental Attributes are the main elements of each Mechtoran creature. Each element basically splits all the Mechtoran into different parts. Flame is the element of fire,

Elemental TypesEdit

  • Flame
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Lightning
  • Aeros
  • Shadow


Each elemental type has a weakness to one another depending on which type hits which. For example, the Flame element is vulnerable to the Water and Earth elements and resists the Lightning and Aeros element. The Water element has a weakness to the Lightning element, but is strong against the Earth element. The Lightning element has a weakness to the Earth element and is strong against the Aeros element. The Earth element is vulnerable to both the Water and Aeros elements. The Aeros element has a weakness to the Water element thus being unaffected by the Earth element. Only the Shadow element has no weaknesses.

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